Gene’s Bio

Gene Ratliff

Gene who is a medium, founded Chatsfrom Beyond in 2008. He is a gifted speaker, inspirational teacher, Angel intuitive, and medium. At the age of 7 he met his soul Angel! At the age of 10 he spoke to his first public audience.  He continues to speak at conferences, angel interactive seminars, and new thought groups all across the country and internationally.

When Gene steps aside and let’s spirit through, the vibration in the room elevates and special healing and connections happen. His unique style of presenting New Thought ideas will inspire and encourage everyone.

Through group and private sessions, he helps people connect with angels, soul angels, and loved ones that have made their transition back to spirit.  Many people have received supernatural messages, spiritual understanding, and emotional healing.

He has also at certain times through the years has hosted Chatsfrombeyond Radio Show.

Gene has a passion for sharing his gift to the world.  And it shows!