Loved Ones

In this fast paced society,  living fast is the way of life.  Instant responses are demanded on every situation.  Mobile devices brings most everything we want to know immediately to our finger tips.  It could be in this hurry, instant, society we are missing the signs.
People ask me where are the angels? or where are my loved ones that have transitioned back to spirit? Why can’t I see or feel them?  My response is they are all around us and give us signs constantly.  We just miss them.
When a long distant call comes from someone just to say they love you…There is your sign.  When a rainbow breaks through after the Summer storm…There is your sign.  When you find a feather laying in your path…There is your sign.  When a door shuts hard and yet another one opens…There is your sign.  When peace and love fills the car for no apparent reason…There is your sign.  When a stranger gives you an unexpected smile or greeting…There is your sign.  When love just happens…There is your sign.   And yes you can continue this thought with thousands more.
So slow down and look around because There Is Your Sign!  Love and Light!
Angel Blessings,